Liliane, Bi-Dyke

by Leanne Franson

Don't Be a Crotte!


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If you like Liliane online, you'll love her in this third book of short stories and vignettes. A crotte is French for a little... um, shit. Yes, a whole collection of people behaving badly... photographers with ulterior motifs, horrid sublet disasters, safe-sex mishaps, a tad of biphobia squeezed on top, and a healthy smattering of liliane in unflattering but hilarious circumstances that we can recognize all to well. Add in a primer on how to screw someone around, and you too are all set to act like a shit!

Don't be a Crotte by Leanne Franson
Published by: Dansereau Editeur
ISBN: 2923162056
squarebound softcover with full colour cover
6" x 9", 96 pages of all new material
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$15 Canadian to Canada, $15 US to the States or overseas.
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Leanne Franson
4323 Parthenais
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2H 2G2

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"Franson's writing and drawing is sweet and accessible, but my word, it packs a decent punch too. Don't miss it."
--Charlotte Cooper,

"Leanne my book arrived this morning, made me late for doing the usual chores as I kept wanting to read just a little bit more"
--Nicky Herriot, writer for Diva magazine

"I read your newest comic and thoroughly enjoyed it. I like how intimate I feel with liliane."
--Athena Reich, singer/ songwriter

"Your work is so funny and so true. It makes me feel like I'm hanging out with good friends."
--Jennifer Camper, cartoonist

"The books are absolutely beautiful. Amazing."
--Jeff Wilson, Star Clipper Comics (bookstore)

"Hi Leanne -
"Just wanted to say that I read all 3 books in the evening & morning after the show - I couldn't put them down until I was finished.
You are a great storyteller & so funny about the saddest things. One reads with one's jaw open, emitting shrieks & chortles; but when the story is over, suddenly the "pain of it all" hits, & one finds oneself weeping uncontrollably. Then on to the next one.
You are the voice of reason faced with the unreasonable. The voice all of us have inside which is too often stifled because it doesn't jive with the unreal reality of others."

--Melanie/ Valkyria, illustrator, jeweler, cartoonist.

Read a review of "Don't Be a Crotte" by Charlotte Cooper at Rainbow Network.

Order "Don't be a Crotte!" directly from me, Leanne. If you would like it signed, please write to whom it should be dedicated. $15 Canadian to Canada, $15 US to the States or overseas. I pay postage. I accept checks or well-concealed cash.
Please send to:

Leanne Franson
4323 Parthenais
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2H 2G2

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I also have copies of my second book "Teaching Through Trauma" available. Also $15 Cdn to Canada, $15 US elsewhere, postpaid.

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